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Confirmation of Foreign PEPs
(Politically Exposed Persons)

Under the Act of Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, World Currency Shop is required by the law to check whether our customers are considered foreign "Politically Exposed Persons(PEPs)".

A foreign "Politically Exposed Person" is a person falling under any of the following categories:

Ⅰ:Person in an important public position of a foreign country"

  1. (1) A Head of Government.
  2. (2) A position corresponding to the Prime Minister, a Minister, a Vice Minister, or equivalent.
  3. (3) A position corresponding to the Chairperson of the House of Representatives, the Vice Chairperson of the House of Representatives, or the Chairperson of the House of Councillors, or the Vice Chairperson of the House of Councillors.
  4. (4) A position corresponding to a Supreme Court Judge or equivalent.
  5. (5) A position corresponding to an Ambassador, Special Envoy Ambassador, or Government Representative.
  6. (6) A military general or higher rank.
  7. (7) The Director of a Central Bank.
  8. (8) The Director of a corporation whose budget is approved by the Diet (i.e. a government-owned company or government agency).


Ⅱ: A person formerly in category "Ⅰ"above.

Ⅲ: A family member of a person in category "Ⅰ" or "Ⅱ" above, i.e. the spouse (including the common-law partner), father, mother, children, siblings, or the father, mother, or children of the spouse.



If you/your company's beneficial owner(s) is/are Foreign PEPs, we ask you to submit two or more official identification documents and confirm your asset and income statuses, etc. when you exchange currencies over 2 million yen.