Can I pay by credit card?
Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards. Please pay in cash.
Can you send foreign currencies by mail?
Sorry, we don’t sell/buy currencies by mail. Please visit our shop.
Can I make a reservation?
Typically reservations are not required. However, in case of very large transactions, please contact us ahead of time.
Can I choose denominations?
Yes, feel free to ask the shop staff.
Can I cash traveler's checks?
Sorry, we don't cash traveler's checks issused outside of Japan.
Can I exchange coins?
Sorry, we don’t exchange coins.
I have very old foreign bills. Can I sell them?
Generally we only buy bills presently in circulation. Please be advised that we can't accept damaged or defaced bills. Check the following examples;
following examples
I'd like to know exchange rates.
Please check our web page for today's exchange rates and use our free currency converter.
I need to exchange a large amount of money.
Please visit one of our shops for details. Please note that identification may be required. For details, see our web page.
How much is the exchange fee?
The exchange fee depends on the currencies and the amount. For your convenience, our exchange rates already include all fees.
Anything to bring?
Generally, you don’t need to bring anything. However, it depends on the amount etc.
Please contact us for further information.
Can I receive money right away?
Yes, typically it takes only 5-10 minutes.

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Don’t hesitate to ask
for further information.


Don’t hesitate to ask for further information.
We accommodate all your currency exchange needs.